Life After the Pill, Pt. 5

So I’m just about 6 months out since I stopped taking birth control. My husband had his vasectomy last month, closing that chapter of our lives. It was bittersweet, but we both have known for a while now that we don’t want nor can we afford more children.

This last cycle was a pretty notable one! I was hit hard by PMS symptoms for an entire week before my period came. I was extremely irritable, I wanted all the foods, and I was very sensitive and emotional. It was annoying!

My cycle is also slowly going back to its normal length, which is usually 33-40 days between periods. I’ve continued using the app Flo to track my cycles, symptoms, intercourse, etc. and it’s very helpful.

The acne is popping up in places I don’t think I’ve ever had it before, but then again I’ve never been the type to have a ton of acne on my face. I did have a pimple or two on my face that were big, but then I also got a couple on the nape of my neck, as well on my back near my shoulder blades. It has also popped up on my chest, but that has always been a trouble area for me.

Another thing I noticed is my hair started falling out again, mainly during the week before I started my period. I did some additional reading about how our bodies recover after being on the pill, and I’m going to add an iron supplement to my daily B12 and biotin. It seems this particular cycle hit my body a little harder than the previous ones, and I was in need of iron. It makes sense, because my energy level was very up and down even though I was taking the B12. So next month I will be able to report back regarding the hair loss and the iron.

One last thing I noticed is my appetite is continuing to return to how it used to be. With the help of my dietician, I’ve been able to focus on getting the right nutrients at each meal, but I’ve noticed that I’m not nearly as hungry as I used to be. For the week and a half my body is ramping up for my period and then during my period, I’m very hungry. But the rest of the month, I notice my appetite drops off, which is good! I feel like that might explain why a lot of us gain weight while on the pill, because it screws with your body’s natural cues to basically everything.

This journey has been very eye opening! Not only have I learned to tune into my own body, but I’ve learned that so many things I thought were my fault over the past few years were really the adverse affects of being on the pill.

I’ve also lost ten pounds! ❤

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