Our Silence Does Not Speak Volumes

I don’t even have to explain what is going on in current events; everyone knows.

I’m diving right into the fact that those of us who remain silent are being called out. You should never make someone feel guilty for staying silent and taking care of their mental health first. It’s happened to people I know, as well as myself, and we shouldn’t have to explain our silence to anyone. Our silence does not mean we’re not supportive.

Maybe the person you’re calling out has mental illnesses that have been exacerbated by everything that is happening as well as everything that we’ve been through in the past few months. The people of the world had endured a lot prior to current events, and it seems as though it’s never ending.

Maybe the person you’re calling out is an empath, and reading the news or seeing posts about it causes their body to feel a rush of emotions they can’t process all at once. Empaths can feel what others are feeling, and right now the world is full of a rollercoaster of emotions. There’s love, anger, peace, hate, violence, worry; it’s overwhelming. Empaths need to take breaks, whether it’s hours, days, or weeks, so that they can process everything and regroup to face this world. That is usually when they go silent on social media; they short circuit.

Maybe the person you’re calling out has PTSD, or a traumatic past that is triggered by images of everything going on right now. I, for one, am affected by this one. I don’t have PTSD (or maybe I do, who knows), but after dealing with my sister’s murder a few years ago, everything in the news right now brings about ugly but familiar feelings. In the months after they found her body, I had to read details in the autopsy and police reports that I struggled to get out of my head. We endured months of pleading with authorities to reopen the case. We even went to the press! We did all we could, only for our pleas to be ignored, likely because she was a Latina living on the wrong side of town. I won’t go into too much more detail, but all of those memories have been hitting me in flashes, so I’ve started to avoid social media because of it. I can’t afford to fall into such a deep depression like I did years ago, as I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t come out of that in the first place.

Having mental illnesses makes you extremely vulnerable to things in the news. Unfortunately, with social media, anything that happens is front and center everywhere you go. I am all for this movement, as I am tired of people being discriminated against due to their skin color, something they cannot control. But the chaos, graphic images, and destruction surrounding this movement is triggering for me, and I promise you I am not the only one.

Please do not send negativity or hate towards us because we are silent.

We are reading. We are learning. We are aware. We show support in the shadows; trust me. Signing petitions, liking and retweeting things. I know that’s what I have been doing, to show my support.

But emotionally and mentally, that’s all I can do. It’s all a lot of us have the capacity to do alongside fighting our brains every single day, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

2 thoughts on “Our Silence Does Not Speak Volumes

    1. I agree! Our silence doesn’t necessarily mean we’re not showing support behind the scenes, but there have definitely been posts, tweets, memes etc targeted at those of us who aren’t flooding our feeds with everything they were sharing.

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