Life After the Pill: A Year Later

For those of you who have been following my journey off contraceptives, can you believe it's been over a year already? It went by fast for me, that's for sure. To recap, I had been on the birth control pill since 2015. Last February, I decided to completely stop taking it because I noticed how … Continue reading Life After the Pill: A Year Later

Navigating BPD & Current Events

COVID-19 is everywhere. It's all over our social media feeds, it's in the news if you watch television, it's on the radio; it's overwhelming. The past few days it has skyrocketed, as panic seems to be sending everyone to the stores, for toilet paper. (Toilet paper forts, anyone?) As I scroll through Twitter, I noticed … Continue reading Navigating BPD & Current Events

Strong Emotions

I'm currently navigating a dangerous path in my personal life, and having borderline personality disorder isĀ not helping. All of the emotions I'm going through are so strong, my stomach burns. My mind is obsessed with what's going on, just constantly thinking about it. I'm constantly listening to music that reminds me of it. The way … Continue reading Strong Emotions