Chip Away the Stigma

Growing up, I honestly couldn't stand when a grown adult would throw around a random mental illness when getting frustrated with their kids. For example, my mother-in-law often told my husband that he needed to be on medication because "you're probably bipolar". In doing this repeatedly, she formed a stigma in his mind that turned … Continue reading Chip Away the Stigma

Faith and Mental Illness

The other day, an article came up on social media regarding the views Christians have on mental illnesses. A friend of mine, who is a non-believer, interpreted it as "if you're Christian, you're supposed to rely solely on your faith and the Lord and not seek worldly help". She then asked me what I thought, … Continue reading Faith and Mental Illness

Love Me, Need Me, Hold Me

Do you ever feel like you crave affection so much that you need it to survive, like water? I feel this in phases. Sometimes, I'm fine. Other times, I practically need an IV of affection, constantly flowing through me so I can't wander off. That's one of my personal struggles with borderline personality disorder; if … Continue reading Love Me, Need Me, Hold Me