Breathe, Let It Go

Everyone knows the holiday season can be stressful. Budgeting for gifts, talking to family members you don't regularly speak to, plus this whole pandemic thing 2020 threw at us. Emotions are running rampant, and we often lose control of how others affect our already overloaded feelings. Believe me, I know! My mother-in-law stopped by on … Continue reading Breathe, Let It Go

You Are More Than…

For almost two months now, we've been reading Romans chapter 8 at church. To summarize, Romans chapter 8 tells us we are more than the sins and labels this world places on us. Whether you're religious or not, I feel like this applies to everyone. We all deserve to be told that we're so much … Continue reading You Are More Than…

Changing Therapists

Don't be afraid to find a different therapist. Hear me out. This topic is sometimes controversial in the mental health community, because there are people out there who switch therapists because they feel like they're being told what to do, or they feel like their therapist isn't telling them what they want to hear. Maybe … Continue reading Changing Therapists

BPD Growing Up Part 4: I Survived

*TRIGGER WARNING* While I will not go into the grim details, domestic violence is the topic of this post. Reader discretion is advised.  .  .  . . . . .   Thirteen years ago, I was in a physically and sexually abusive relationship. It was with a man twelve years older than myself, and it … Continue reading BPD Growing Up Part 4: I Survived